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0-Point Correction in VStar?

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0-Point Correction in VStar?

Hello everyone,

I'm very new to VStar, but I have already found it to be a great tool. I had asked a question over on the VSX forum, and someone responded to me, and in their answer they included a VStar plot of SWASP data for that star. I was surprised that he used the SWASP data, since for that particular star, the SWASP data needs 0-point corrections between different observations to make anything of it. 

I started to think that maybe he used some feature of VStar to do the 0-point correction for him. I noticed that in the name of the VStar file he uploaded, it contained the phrase "0-folded." Is this a VStar feature?

Thanks for any response.


David Benn
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0-Point Correction in VStar?

Hi Grant

I'm glad you're finding VStar useful.

The SuperWASP plugin itself doesn't do any particular zero point correction and there's no plugin at this point for doing such a thing. 

It may have been done manually. Can you point me to the VSX forum topic URL or add some more context?



Hi David, thanks for the

Hi David, thanks for the response. Here's the thread I was talking about: 

It may also be possible that he just selected a data set where no correction was needed, I just find the "0-folded" part of the file name he attached to be interesting.

Thanks for looking into this, 


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