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2013 Spring Meeting Site Proposals Wanted - Due March 1st!

The AAVSO is accepting proposals to host our 2013 "spring" meeting. Typically these meetings are held away from our HQ in Cambridge, MA sometime in the months of April-July. For the first time, we are experimenting with the process of accepting open suggestions and bids for the location of our next unplanned meeting (2012 will be in Big Bear, CA).

AAVSO spring meetings typically have around 80-100 attendees and consist of 2.5 days of activities. There is a half day membership meeting and Director's Report, an evening banquet and then the rest of time is divided between paper sessions, workshops and guest lectures. For more information about what goes on at an AAVSO meeting, consult our archive of past meetings.

We request that proposals only come from people who have attended a prior AAVSO meeting or otherwise have experience running a meeting of this scale and type. If you would like to propose a location and do not have the experience, feel free to contact us and we'll try to find an interested AAVSO member in your area with whom you can partner.

If you would like to propose a meeting, please e-mail the following information to by March 1, 2012.  If you have any questions, contact our meeting coordinator Rebecca Turner.

  • Your Name(s):
  • Name of Local Sponsoring Organization (if you are proposing a joint meeting):
  • Your e-mail address and phone number:
  • Proposed Geographic Location (name of city/town and nearest airport):
  • Proposed date(s) - either specific dates or a date range:
  • Lodging Information (name of hotel, cost per night for proposed dates, number of available rooms, description and estimated costs of transportion from/to airport, parking fees, etc.):
  • Meeting Venue Information (Name of venue, meeting room rental fees, coffee break cost, banquet cost, AV fees, parking fees, etc):
  • Is there an onsite restaurant at the meeting venue? Also, please give some information on walkable area restaurants:
  • Often meetings are held at the lodging hotel. If this is not the case in your proposal, please include information about the proposed transportation of participants between the lodging hotel and meeting venue including an estimate of the cost:
  • Any additional costs the AAVSO or its members would incur at this location:
  • Your Reasons for Recommending the Location:

It is very important that all of this information be accurate (example: make sure you have confirmed lodging availability and rates). The AAVSO will take the lead in organizing the meeting, negotiating contracts with hotels and vendors, etc. However, many factors go into the planning of a meeting and we cannot make an informed decision based on details that have not been confirmed.

We will confirm receipt of all proposals and a decision will be made by May 1, 2012. If this process works well, we may issue similar call for proposals for future meetings as well.

Below is a list of requirements for a typical AAVSO meeting.  It may help to send this list to hotels and meeting venues when asking about availability and rates.

Note: We try to find venues with plenty of walkable restaurants so that the participants have choices for lunch and dinner.  Nearby sightseeing, shopping, & public transportation are also plusses for accompanying spouses/family members who may not wish to attend all of the sessions.

Guest rooms:
(We typically block approximately half single and half double rooms.)
Wed - 15 rooms
Thu - 50 rooms
Fri - 50 rooms
Sat - 50 rooms

Meeting space:
Thu - Conference room, for 12-15 people, 8am-7pm
Fri - Classroom style session for 75-100 people, 9am-5pm with possible evening session (same room set-up)
Sat - Classroom style session for 75-100 people, 9am-5pm
Cash bar ~ 6:30pm (can be in foyer to allow for more room switch-over time)
Dinner (rounds for 75-100) at 7 or 7:30pm

Food & Beverage:

morning, mid-morning, and afternoon coffee breaks for 12-15
possible working lunch for 12-15
morning, mid-morning, and afternoon coffee breaks for 75-100
morning, mid-morning, and afternoon coffee breaks for 75-100
cash bar
evening buffet dinner for 75-100


Thu, Fri, & Sat: screen, and data projector
Thu, Fri, & Sat: internet connection (wifi in room and/or wired connection)
Fri & Sat:
lav mic (wired or wireless)

AAVSO 49 Bay State Rd. Cambridge, MA 02138 617-354-0484