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The 2014 AAVSO Annual Campaign

The AAVSO offers a plethora of tools, services and publications that are often referred to only by their acronyms. Many of the tools and programs these acronyms represent are relatively new to the AAVSO, having been invented or established in the last decade or just the last few years. Yet, many of us can’t imagine an AAVSO without these things today. 

What these acronyms really spell is progress!

This year we are running an annual campaign to not only maintain and upgrade our existing services, tools, education and training - all those things we call by their secret acronym names - we want to have the support and funding to bring you new tools and programs.

Take a minute to look at what these acronyms stand for, and what they mean to our members, observers, the scientific community and society in general. I think you’ll be impressed by the impact the AAVSO has in many areas. How many of these services or tools do you use? How often do you rely upon them?

AAVSOnet – AAVSO robotic telescope network

AID- AAVSO International Database

APASS- The AAVSO Photometric All Sky Survey

AUID- AAVSO Unique Identifier

CHET – Chart Error Tracking Tool

CHOICE – The Carolyn Hurless Online Institute for Continuing Education

eJAAVSO – The Electronic Journal of the AAVSO

JAAVSO – The Journal of the AAVSO 

LCG – The AAVSO Light Curve Generator

MNF – MyNewsFlash

SeqPlot – The AAVSO Sequence Plotter

VPhot – Variable Star Photometry Software

VSP – Variable Star Plotter

VStar – Variable Star Analysis Software

VSOTS - Variable Star of the Season

VSX - The International Variable Star Index

WebObs – Web-based Observation Submission Tool

We know you love acronyms - we know you love the tools and services we provide -  and you can help us bring you more, by making a donation to the annual campaign right now!

You can mail a check to AAVSO headquarters, or you can make a donation online. Just click the Donate Now button on our home page and select Annual Campaign in the drop down menu.

Without raising additional funds we may be forced to cut some services. Everyone on the AAVSO Council and all the full time staff support this effort and have made a cash donation or pledge. Please, help save our acronyms. Make a donation today.

Thank you for your support!

Make checks payable to AAVSO, and mail them to:
49 Bay State Rd.
Cambridge, MA 02138

AAVSO 49 Bay State Rd. Cambridge, MA 02138 617-354-0484