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2019 CHOICE Course Schedule

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2019 CHOICE Course Schedule

The 2019 CHOICE Course schedule is available and registration is now open click here to choose your course.

Ed Wiley_WEY
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CCD1 Participation No CCD? No problem. Cloudy Skies? No problem

I posted the message below on the Photometry forum. I thought it might also be appropriate for this thread.

This year I am going to provide all of the images needed to complete the CCD1 course to all students via a Dropbox link. They will be taken with my C11/Moravian1600 system with Johnson B and V filters. Why do I take this step?

(1) Those who do not have suitable cameras but who might be led to trying CCD photometry can gain some insight into how we go about processing images.  So, if you now have an OSC or DSLR camera but are on the fence about making the investment in a monochrome CCD, you can spend a trivial amount to see if its “for you” by working with actual CCD images.

(2) The images will provide a backup for those with suitable cameras but lousy winter observing. You can learn the basics even if you don’t wish to challenge subzero temperatures to obtain your images. (This pertains especially to light and flat frames.)

(3) We can try some group exercises using the same images to see if everyone gets the same results. This will provide a nice check on your ability to use your software in calibration processing.

Hope you see you!



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Thank, I search this link on the menu of the website of AAVSO.
Why is it not more visible?



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CHOICE course schedule


Information about CHOICE courses, course descriptions, and the schedules are linked from this page:

There are many links to CHOICE, but the most visible are these:

  • The link under the AAVSO "banner" found on many pages (see screenshot below)
  • The grey menu tab for Variable Stars > Educational Materials > CHOICE Online Institute
  • At the bottom of every page in the "site map" under Variable Stars

I hope this helps.


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