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25 Million!

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25 Million!

The AAVSO database passed the 25 million mark this evening. I took this screen shot at 5:45 PM EDT.

Mike Simonsen (SXN)

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Who's the winner?

I know there was a contest on this, about guessing the date when AAVSO database reaches 25 millions; who's the lucky winner?

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Details on the 25 millionth

Details on the 25 millionth observation submitted and the contest winner can be found here.

Many, many thanks to all of our observers!!!

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It is not clear that

It is not clear that "million" is being properly articulated here. The word is most properly expressed with the little flinger of the right hand held up to the right side of the mouth - all other fingers at rest and curled down normally ...

Congrats to Josch and everyone else who contributued to this amazing total!


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Congrats to Josch! Does

Congrats to Josch!

Does anyone have some more information about the star (ASAS J180536-4351.8). It's a "MISC" type star in VSX. Why are we observing it, It would be nice to know something more about the star!

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Hi Bruno,

actually I have not specially observed this star as it was found in the field of the RR Lyr star WW CrA, which I observed very intensely and with it actualkly two ASAS stars found in VSX close by. For both stars no information on their light curve and shape was known before my observations. Now at least for one season the LC is mesured. Most probably I will continue observing the RR Lyr star as it shows the so-called Blazhko effect and needs intense observations.

So now you know why this star is the 25th million observation. All the submissions I have sent last Sunday where about stars in the field of either a CV or RR Lyr star.



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well, it is a nice

well, it is a nice lightcurve!

I feel good that I have my

I feel good that I have my small contribution in it !  I am proud that I am a member of such organisation. Congratulations to all of observers.

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