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2QZ J015940.6-281040

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2QZ J015940.6-281040

2QZ J015940.6-281040     20180109.401    12.5    OUTBURST

Will it go any higher? Range in VSX 12.0 V - 19.7 b

This is the first recorded (positive) visual observation in the AAVSO database. The last outburst was detected with CCD by Peter Starr and Josch Hambsch in December 2014. It may have had other outbursts since, but hardly anyone observes it. (The only other recorded outburst was by Pojmanski in 2002. That's an awful long time bewteen outbursts.)

This star is in Fornax, and is classfied as a UG, but I wonder if this star is a UGWZ. (I raised the same question in 2015). If it is not a UGWZ, then it must have more outbursts, surely.

Any thoughts?

Stephen Hovell [HSP]
Pukemaru Observatory

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Hi Stephen,

unfortunately there are too many interesting stars up there. After observations the chance is high if there is no request via AAVSO or someone else that I tend to forget the stars I observed in the previous seasons and go on with others.



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2QZ J015940.6-281040 superoutburst!

2QZ J015940.6-281040 (UGWZ:)

ASAS-SN Sky Patrol observations
(Shappee et al. 2014ApJ...788...48S and Kochanek et al. 2017PASP..129j4502K):
2QZJ015940.6-281040 20171224.186 <16.69V ASN
2QZJ015940.6-281040 20171231.107 12.19V ASN
2QZJ015940.6-281040 20180101.101 12.31V ASN
2QZJ015940.6-281040 20180102.140 12.38V ASN
2QZJ015940.6-281040 20180103.115 12.51V ASN
2QZJ015940.6-281040 20180104.157 12.59V ASN
2QZJ015940.6-281040 20180105.063 12.56V ASN
2QZJ015940.6-281040 20180106.058 12.73V ASN
2QZJ015940.6-281040 20180107.060 12.82V ASN
2QZJ015940.6-281040 20180109.102 13.04V ASN
2QZJ015940.6-281040 20180110.055 13.07V ASN

The only previously recorded superoutburst was observed 2003 June 22–30 (vsnet-alert messages 18042 and 18045), and the most recently observed normal outburst was detected on 2014 December 8 (vsnet-alert 18039).

The current superoutburst began between 2017 December 24 and 31.

*** Time-resolved photometry is urgently required. ***

Clear skies,

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