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99th Fall Meeting of the AAVSO: Attendee List

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Hilton Hotel

Woburn, Massachusetts
Oct. 28-30, 2010


Attendee list as of 10/25/2010. (Does not include additional members in party, only primary registrants.)

Helmar Adler

Len Amburgey

Barry Beaman

James Bedient

Gary Billings

Tom Bretl

Michael Brewster

Joan Chamberlin

Wayne Clark

Pierre de Ponthiere

Vincent Dovydaitis

John Gallagher

Jaime Garcia

Subhash G. Gedam

Ed Guinan

Tim Hager

Michael Hill

Anna Sudaric Hillier

Albert Holm

Jeffery Horne

Jerry Horne

Rodney Howe

David Hurdis

Claudine Kavanagh

Michael Koppelman

Kristine Larsen

Edward Los

Gilbert Lubke

Ken Menzies

Linda Morgan-O'Connor

Mario Motta, MD

Chris Norris

Susan Oatney

Ashley Pagnotta

Kevin B. Paxson

John Pazmino

Arthur Pearlmutter

Michael Peoples

John Percy

Pam Perry


Dick Post

John Rachlin

Pebble Johnson

Jim Roe

Richard Sabo

Frank Schorr

Dee Sharples

George Silvis

Neil Simmons

Stephanie Slater

Tim Slater

Donn R. Starkey

Paula Szkody

Scott Tracy

David Turner

Gary Walker

Qian Wang

Christopher Watson

Doug Welch

Barbara L. Welther

Tom Williams

Lee Anne Willson

Donna L. Young

Arne Henden

Linda Henden

Virginia Renehan

Mike Saladyga

Mike Simonsen

Will McMain

Aaron Price

Rebecca Turner

Elizabeth Waagen

Matt Templeton

Doc Kinne

Sara Beck

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