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AA Tau visual observations needed

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A new observing campaign on the YSO AA Tau kicks off today. Usually ~12.8V, AA Tau has been at ~14.5V for at least 18 months. XMM-Newton observations are planned but the planners must know whether AA Tau is still down (go ahead) or has popped back up to ~12.8 (no go). Your visual observations (one per night) will be very, very useful: positive observations or fainter-than obs <13.0 or fainter will give the astronomers and planners the info they need to decide about scheduling. Please see AAVSO Alert Notice 488 for details.

AA Tau will be a challenging target now through September because it is in the morning sky, and any observations you can make will be EXTREMELY VALUABLE.

Many thanks for your help! and good observing  -  Elizabeth Waagen, AAVSO HQ

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