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AAVSO Acronym of the Day: APASS

Today we begin a series of short informational pieces, highlighting some of the tools, projects and programs we know by their acronym names.

Our first featured acronym is APASS- The AAVSO Photometric All Sky Survey.

Through a grant from the Robert Martin Ayers Sciences Fund, the AAVSO is performing an all-sky photometric survey. This survey is conducted in five filters: Johnson B and V, plus Sloan g’, r’, i’. It is valid from approximately 10th magnitude to 17th magnitude. Precise, reliable standardized photometry in this magnitude range is in high demand, both from our observers and from the professional community. This survey will have an impact on the astronomical community for decades to come.

This is just one example of the tools and programs the AAVSO provides to its members, observers and the astronomical community. Please help support these services by contributiong to this year's Annual Campaign.

You can mail a check to AAVSO headquarters, or you can make a donation online. Just click the Donate Now button on our home page and select Annual Campaign in the drop down menu.

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