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Alert Notice 386: Low state of VY Scl

Due to the New England winter storm currently affecting the area, phone coverage at the AAVSO may be much reduced until Thursday. The staff is still available via email, and we suggest using that method to contact us if you need assistance.
October 2, 2008 : The cataclysmic variable VY Scl appears to have recently entered a low state according to observations recently submitted to the AAVSO. Javier Temprano reports positive detections of VY Scl at CV=17.46 on JD 2454730.46181 (2008 Sept 20.9618) and at CV=18.23 on JD 2454730.572 (2008 Sept 21.072).  All other recent AAVSO and ASAS-3 (Pojmanski, G. 2002, Acta Astronomica 52, 397) observations indicate that VY Scl is below detectability limits.  This is the first time VY Scl has been detected in a deep minimum in many years, comparable to the deep minimum observed by Cropper and Warner in 1983 (IAUC 3877).  Observations of VY Scl, both visual and instrumental, are urgently requested beginning immediately, and continuing through this current episode.
VY Scl (AUID 000-BCR-581) is located at the following (J2000) coordinates:

RA: 23 29 00.50 , Dec: -29 46 46.0

Recently submitted observations of VY Scl are available at the following URL:

[broken link]

Charts for VY Scl may be plotted using VSP:

Please promptly submit all observations to the AAVSO as "VY SCL" (AUID 000-BCR-581).

This AAVSO Alert Notice was prepared by M. Templeton.



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