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AAVSO as author affiliation

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AAVSO as author affiliation

My question is simple, but I've been doing it for a long time.

When one of us publishes a paper, can he/she put the AAVSO as his/her affiliation? Is it necessary to be a member to do it? Or simply any AAVSO registered user can do it?

Thanks in advance!

Ed Wiley_WEY
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My Opinion on addresses

I have authored many peer-reviewed papers in biology, I suspect it works the same in astronomy. I only use the address(s) for which I have staff affiliations. For example, I was a professor at the University of Kansas and a research affiliate of the Smithsonian, so I would use those addresses to give proper credit to those organizations for supporting me. I was also a member of the Society of Systematic Biology and several other societies. I did not use those affiliations because, although I am a member, I am giving those societies support, not the other way around. For my astronomical papers I use my home address after my observatory name.

My advice; unless you are on the staff of AAVSO do not use that affiliation in your address line. On the other hand, you certainly should acknowledge AAVSO in your acknowledgements for their support of your efforts.


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