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The following is a list of the specific funds to which you may contribute. If you do not wish to specify how you would like your donation to be used, the AAVSO will determine the fund where it is needed most and place it there.

General Fund
    This fund is an unrestricted fund and supports the general operations of the Association.

Endowment Fund
    This is a professionally managed fund, invested for the perpetuity of the AAVSO. From time to time, transfers from this fund into the General Fund are made as necessary to meet operating deficits of the Association.

Annual Campaign Fund
    Donations to this fund additional support for the essential and important day to day functions, tools and programs of the AAVSO, including website maintenance, member services, observer support, CHOICE course development, AAVSO publications and online tools (Chart plotter, Light Curve Generator, VPHOT, VStar, WebObs, etc.)

Building Fund
    This fund is dedicated to replenishing the Endowment Fund for the cost of purchasing the headquarters building (49 Bay State Road, Cambridge, MA 02138), to provide funds to refurbish the building, and to cover other costs incurred with the original purchase. 

Janet A. Mattei Research Fellowship Program
    This fund enables a visiting scientist, postdoctoral researcher, or student to perform research at AAVSO Headquarters with the goal of disseminating the results throughout the astronomical community.

Margaret Mayall Assistantship Fund
    This fund helps finance a summer student at AAVSO Headquarters who works on variable star-related projects and research while learning about the AAVSO and variable stars in general. Only the accumulated interest and not the principal may be used.

Solar Fund
    This fund helps to pay the staff costs of running the section, publishing the Solar Bulletin and travel expenses for visiting solar researchers.

AAVSOnet Fund 
    This fund pays for refurbishment and maintenance of telescopes, cameras, mounts, computers, software and hardware required to operate the robotic telescope network.

Member Sponsorship Fund
    Funds donated to this program pay the membership dues for those active variable star observers who want to become members of the Association but cannot afford the dues.

Director's Discretionary Fund
Funds donated to this fund can be used at the Director's discretion for anything not specifically covered in the annual operating budget.

Visiting Astronomer Travel Fund
    Contributions to this fund supply travel grants to astronomers invited to or wishing to participate in the AAVSO’s annual and spring meetings.

Student Meeting Scholarship Fund
     Donations to this fund will pay for up to 10 student registrations per annual meeting of the AAVSO.

    Donations to this fund will be used to support the editorial, publication and website costs associated with the Journal of the AAVSO.

     Donations to this fund support the cost of cloud computing, maintenance and development of the AAVSO’s online photometric analysis software, VPHOT.

Contributor Specified Restricted Funds
    Gifts and contributions made to the Association for restricted purposes as specified by the donor thereof. All such restricted funds of the Association shall be administered in strict accordance with the instructions of the donor. The Association is not obliged to accept any assets so offered.

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