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AAVSO HQ is closed

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AAVSO HQ is closed

We've closed headquarters for today until the manhunt is finished.  We should re-open tomorrow.


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Glad you checked in.

I was relieved to read on Facebook that Doc and Rebekah are ok as well. Stay safe.


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Beyond belief

Its becoming pretty clear now, this grotesque tragedy was perpetrated by a couple of unbalanced local "kids", not long out of high school! In a strange way, when I look at their photos and read about their methods, it reminds me of the college "pranks" we did way back then...right there at the 'tute. But these were taken so far beyond any human reason, that I think the only way to sum it up is as their uncle did, by anger of the shame they brought to their families and friends.

I do agree with many who say that there is simply too much violence portrayed in the movies, videos, news in our scoiety. This can only act as a catalyst for people of unsound mind. We need to look within and change, this is the only way.

What does this have to do with AAVSO and VSO? Nothing, other than HQ was located in the midst of it all.

Mike LMK

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Totally wacky!  I hope none

Totally wacky!  I hope none of the staff live in the affected areas.  GW

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I am following news from

I am following the news from Boston. I hope that all AAVSO staff would be safe and these terrible events come to an end.

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AAVSO headquarters closed

We follow the news from Europe...Take care guys and stay safe.Hope this mess will finish soon.We are with you


Stefano PAdovan

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HQ closed

HI:  We lived on the edge. Our town was closed for staffing reasons and there was a gun rally for guns cancelled, The FBI couldn't handle any more and the town closed for reasons that we were too close to the affected area. They talked him out and so ends another episode of violence.  Thanks for your concern. Just listing the latest.  Best HNL  

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Headquarters is now back to normal

After the death of one suspect and the capture of the other, all restrictions have been lifted in the Boston area.  Headquarters is back to normal, though closed due to the weekend.  We will reopen as usual on Monday.  All staff are safe!  We appreciate the concern that many expressed, and hope that those that were injured can recover and return to normal life as quickly as possible.


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Observation on the capture (technical aspect)

Hi: An interesting state of technology,   The place of capture was identified by a technology called Thermal imaging after they located the spot where the suspect was located. Just for anybody who might be interested.  Hope the postponed Science Festival will resume.  Best, HNL

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