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AAVSO LPV Program Stars

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AAVSO LPV Program Stars

Recently I started to include LPVs into my observing program trying to enhance the numbers on the "needy" list (yes, pat on my shoulders, haha - thanks wink ) .

To prepare for the next observing session (which might take years from now with our current weather pattern in the NE of US...) I just downloaded the "AAVSOLPVProgramStars_2.xls" that I got from here:

There appear to be some "garbled" data on line 273; stars from "S Oct" to "CK Ori" are affected.

Where I could probably repair "my" version manually it might be a better idea if you corrected the file(?).

Hope this helps,

Helmar (AHM)


Sebastian Otero
Sebastian Otero's picture
CK Ori is constant

BTW, CK Ori is a constant 6.2 Vmag. star and should be dropped from every observing program.


Re: CK Ori is a constant

Hello Sebastian,

Ha ha, big brother is always watching... smiley

Thanks for your comment! I noticed it, too, after I checked VSX and some of your earlier notes. Maybe another reason to revisit the LPV program file(?).

I guess I have to be a little patient due to the Spring Meeting activities...

Best Wishes,

Helmar (AHM)

Matthew Templeton
Files repaired

Hi Helmar,

Thank you for letting us know, and apologies for the slow response.  Mike Simonsen kindly remade the files on the Section website.  Please download them again to see if they work correctly for you.

Clear skies,


RE: Files repaired

Hello Matthew,

Thanks for the repair (also to Mike)! I see that you took CK Ori out - good. On first look all looks fine now.

And no apologies necessary - I know that you are/were very busy.

Thanks again!


Helmar (AHM)


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