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AAVSO Board Officers and Members - Kevin B. Marvel

Kevin B. Marvel

(Council member 2000-2002, 2018-2020; 2nd Vice President 2002-2003, 2015-2018; 1st Vice President 2003-2005)

Astronomy, Ph.D.

Executive Officer, American Astronomical Society

“I first came to the AAVSO while working on my dissertation research using VLBI to image water masers around evolved, Oxygen-rich stars. I needed light curves to match my observations in the radio portion of the spectrum with what was going on with the star generally. Janet Mattei helped me enormously and my dissertation was the better for it. I’ve been honored to serve on the Council and as the chair of the search committees for both Arne Henden and Stella Kafka. Although I work full-time (and more!) for the professional astronomers who are members of the American Astronomical Society, I have always had a special connection with amateur astronomers, especially those seeking to help advance our scientific knowledge through the application of their passion, dedication and observing skills and tools. I very much look forward to working with everyone to make AAVSO as good as it can be with the resources it has available or can grow.”

AAVSO 49 Bay State Rd. Cambridge, MA 02138 617-354-0484