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AAVSO recommended FITS values for FILTER and other non-standard keywords

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AAVSO recommended FITS values for FILTER and other non-standard keywords

I saw in a recent Yahoo MaxIm Group post that the AAVSO recommends using SG and SR for the Sloan g' and r' filters. Are these and any other recommendations documented anywhere on the website? I did a quick search but was not sucessful. Thanks, Jesse

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Recommended FITS Values

Arne should weigh in here,

but images from the AAVSOnet scope have been using these designations for many months now.



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filter names

Hi Jesse,

The filter names used in the Extended Format file format are described at

Perhaps not the most logical place; I'll see if we can link them elsewhere as well. For completeness, the AAVSOnet telescopes use the following filter names, which are the same as in the extended format description with the addition of the ZS and Y filters.  Note that while the raw images taken with AAVSOnet in the clear filter use "C", the extended format requires either CV or CR, depending on which bandpass you use for your comparison stars.



name       bandpass

U      Johnson U

B      Johnson B

V      Johnson V

R      Cousins R

I       Cousins I

SU     Sloan u'

SG     Sloan g'

SR     Sloan r'

SI     Sloan i'

SZ     Sloan z'

ZS     Panstarrs/LCOGTN z-short

Y       Panstarrs Y

TB      Tricolor B

TG      Tricolor G

TR      Tricolor R

C        Clear

Thank you sir! I didn't think

Thank you sir! I didn't think to check the AAVSO EFF, where the FILTER keyword is also used.

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