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Special Notice #108: Sequence available for V5579 Sgr [Nova Sgr 2008]

May 8, 2008

N. N. Samus announced in IAUC 8940 that Nova Sgr 2008 (IAUC 8937) has been assigned the variable star name V5579 Sgr.  You should use the name "V5579 Sgr" for all future submissions for this nova.

I've added a faint BVRI sequence for V5579 Sgr to VSP/VSD.  This sequence starts around V=9.2 and ends around V=15.  Be careful as this nova fades, as the field is *very* crowded and you will find contaminating stars around almost every sequence star and the target nova itself.  While the new sequence is pretty good below V=10.5, the couple of brighter stars do not fit as well as I would like.  We have not had much clear weather at Sonoita, and most of the good nights since the nova eruption were when the moon was near the field and no calibration could be performed.  I would be interested in hearing the results from any other calibration of the field.

This was a very fast nova, reaching V=6.6 at peak and falling to V=9.6 after 10 days. Further monitoring is requested, as we have had very few fast novae in the past couple of years, and it would be useful to see what happens during the fade.

Arne Henden

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