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Special Notice #218: Outburst of the UGWZ star SDSS J080434.20+510349.2

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September 21, 2010: As announced by Hiroyuki Maehara in vsnet-outburst 11547, the WZ Sge-type dwarf nova SDSS J080434.20+510349.2 is in outburst, and is also showing evidence of superhumps (vsnet-outburst 11551).  Both visual and CCD observations -- including CCD time-series observations -- of this outburst are encouraged.  The most recently posted visual observation by Patrick Schmeer (vsnet-outburst 11556) indicates the star is currently around m(vis) = 12.7.

This object is close to the Sun, with optimal viewing times being the pre-dawn hours.  Please obtain a S/N of at least 20 per observation if possible, with higher S/N encouraged if exposure times can be kept shorter than a few minutes.   

SDSS J080434.20+510349.2 is located at the following (J2000) coordinates:
 RA: 08 04 34.20 , Dec: +51 03 49.2

Charts for SDSS J080434.20+510349.2 may be plotted using AAVSO's VSP:

Please promptly submit all observations to the AAVSO using the name
"SDSS J080434.20+510349.2".

This AAVSO Special Notice was prepared by M. Templeton.


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