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Special Notice #286: Revised Timetable for June AE Aqr MAGIC Observations

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8 June 2012: Dr. Christopher Mauche, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, has informed us that the timetable of MAGIC telescope  observations of the intermediate polar cataclysmic variable AE Aqr announced in AAVSO Alert Notice 458 has been revised. Here is the revised timetable for the dates in June:


2012 June
11, 1:43 - 2:26, UT
12, 1:39 - 2:22
13, 1:35 - 2:18
14, 1:31 - 2:34
15, 1:27 - 2:10
16, 1:23 - 2:06
17, 1:19 - 2:02
18, 1:15 - 1:59
19, 1:12 - 1:55

Note that the above revised observations in June begin earlier - June 11 - than in the original schedule (June 14) and finish one day earlier - June 19 - than before (June 20).

As mentioned in Alert Notice 458, B-band photometry is requested during and +/- 1 hour around the times of the MAGIC observations in order to correlate the multiwavelength observations of this campaign, and nightly observations thereafter until the end of June. Visual observations and photometry in other bands are also welcome. The 122 and 124 on the AAVSO chart for AE Aqr should be used. Please see Alert Notice 458 for additional details.

AAVSO observations are crucial because all but one of the ground-based observatories doing optical photometry are too far west to observe AE Aqr easily at this time.

The MAGIC telescope is located at latitude and longitude: N 28o 45.7245 / W 017o 53.4007

If your observatory is located along or near this latitude, your observations are even more crucial, and your special attention would be gratefully appreciated.

Coordinates for AE Aqr: R.A. 20 40 09.16 Dec. -00 52 15.1 (J2000.0)

Charts may be created using the AAVSO Variable Star Plotter (VSP)

This AAVSO Special Notice was compiled by Elizabeth O. Waagen.


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