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Special Notice #295: Bright outburst of the BL Lac object PKS 0716+71

Due to the New England winter storm currently affecting the area, phone coverage at the AAVSO may be much reduced until Wednesday. The staff is still available via email, and we suggest using that method to contact us if you need assistance.

September 18, 2012:  AAVSO observer Klaus Wenzel (Grossostheim, Germany) noted that the BL Lacertae object PKS 0716+71 (== S5 0716+714) is currently brighter than it has been in several years, being at magnitude 12.7 (visual) on 2012 September 13.1354 (JD 2456183.6354).  This AGN is highly variable on short timescales, but recent observations of this object indicate that it remains bright.

The AAVSO has received the following observations of PKS 0716+71 since the initial report (all visual observations by K. Wenzel, observer code WKL): 12.6, JD 2456184.6007; 13.0, 2456186.6111; 13.1 2456186.6493; and 12.9, 2456188.5938.

Continued monitoring of this interesting BL Lac object is encouraged.  Charts are available via the AAVSO website.  Please use the name "PKS 0716+71" when reporting data or making charts.

Coordinates: R.A. 07 21 53.45  Dec. +71 20 36.4 (2000.0)

This AAVSO Special Notice was prepared by M. Templeton.


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