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Special Notice #363: HS 2214+2845 (= V513 Peg) obs critical now

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July 16, 2013: Based on your observations, the HST/COS team will be making the final decision tomorrow afternoon (2013 July 17) or the next morning whether to observe the dwarf nova HS 2214+2845 = V513 Peg on:

V513 Peg (HS 2214+2845) 2013 July 18 21:08:59 through July 19 01:04:23 UT

V513 Peg is 16.8V at minimum and 12.5V at maximum. Please monitor V513 Peg closely through July 19.

Following V513 Peg, the next HST/COS target is the WZ Sge-type variable 1RXS J213807.1+261958 (= OT J213806.6+261957). Observations are scheduled for:

1RXS J213807.1+261958 (OT J213806.6+261957)
            2013 July 25 17:26:50 through 21:05:23 UT

According to observations in the AAVSO International Database, the most recent outburst of 1RXS J213807.1+261958 was in May 2010, when it reached visual magnitude 8.8, and it has been observed as faint as 20.993V (GFB, B. Goff, Sutter Creek, CA) and is currently <17.3V (S. Dvorak, Clermont, FL); the positive observations at ~15V are likely of a very close-by field star.

Coordinates (2000.0)
V513 Peg (HS 2214+2845)                                    R.A. 22 16 31.19   Dec. +29 00 19.7
1RXS J213807.1+261958 (OT J213806.6+261957) R.A. 21 38 06.57   Dec. +26 19 57.3

Charts may be created using the AAVSO Variable Star Plotter (

Please report observations as soon as possible to the AAVSO International Database using the names V513 Peg and 1RXS J213807.1+261958 (the primary VSX names), respectively. If an outburst is detected, please report observations immediately. Many thanks!

Details of the HST/COS CV campaign may be found in AAVSO Alert Notice 471 ( Related AAVSO Special Notices may be found via the Observing Campaigns page ( AAVSO Special Notice #362 ( is the most recent one that pertains to the campaign.

This AAVSO Special Notice was compiled by Elizabeth O. Waagen.


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