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Special Notice #48: Update on V5558 Sgr [Nova Sgr 2007]

June 8, 2007

V5558 Sgr, a nova that went into outburst in April (see Special Notices 44 and 45), continues to increase in brightness. The last reports indicate that this nova has reached V=8.6, brightening by about 0.02mag per day. We have produced a new sequence, based on recent calibration from Sonoita Research Observatory along with nearby Tycho2 and GCPD stars. You can download this sequence as part of the VSP chart:

obsolete link: []

2016 link:

(and select V5558 Sgr as the target). This is highly unusual behavior for a nova, and you should make this object part of your observing routine until further notice.

Coordinates (from SRO, using UCAC2):
18:10:18.26 -18:46:51.9 (J2000)

Since there is a 12th magnitude companion just to the northwest of the variable, use a large enough aperture to include both stars and place a comment to this effect in the comments field.

Report observations to the AAVSO as 1804-18 V5558 SGR.

Arne Henden


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