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    Once again, the AAVSO will be offering a full online meeting attendance option. In addition to the Saturday morning membership meeting, which is free to our members, we offer the option of registering for the meeting as an online attendee so you can virtually attend all the paper sessions.

    We will be using a webinar service to broadcast the meeting. Video will consist primarily of the presenter's PowerPoint presentation with occasional webcam shots. Prior to the meeting, you will receive an email containing links for each session. We will also give attendees access to recordings of each session for a limited time after the meeting.

    We are happy to expand the possibilities of meeting attendance to more of our members, observers, and friends.

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    This course will use the second half of the AAVSO Guide to CCD Photometry and will cover topics including optimal image photometry settings and techniques, transformation, and basic error estimation. We'll also discuss how to plan an observing run to optimize the scientific return of your observations. Part I of this course is not a prerequisite, but is very strongly encouraged for new CCD photometrists. Students will need their own image processing software, and should have their own CCD/telescope ready to take science frames.

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    This course will utilize the updated DSLR photometry manual as its guide. This manual is a basic introduction and guide to using a DSLR camera to make variable star observations. The target audience is first-time beginner to intermediate level DSLR observers, although advanced observers may find the content useful as well.

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    The life of Dr. Dorrit Hoffleit—world-renowned astronomer, expert on variable stars, astrometry, and the history of astronomy—is a story of hardships endured, difficulties surmounted, lessons learned, goals met, and successes attained. She has spent a lifetime at work with some of the greatest astronomers of the 20th century, and has inspired new generations of young astronomers. The American Association of Variable Star Observers is proud to publish this wonderful book. Hardcover 176 pages + xviii, 18 pages of photos, with references, complete bibliography, and a foreword by AAVSO Director, Janet A. Mattei.

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