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AAvso variable star app?

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AAvso variable star app?

Where did the variable star app go that used to be on itunes?  I seem to be unable to find it...thanks in advance.

Sherman Johns

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Re: App

I've checked also Sherman, it seem that it is gone alright. I wonder why?



Aaron Price
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variable star app

The initial app was developed for free by a new application development firm near Boston. Their goals were to use it to find a funding mechanism (grants presumably) to create a better app and also to use it as a proof-of-concept for a particular method of app programming they were developing for use in other data intensive science fields. If it was pulled, then it suggests they have decided to focus their efforts on the other fields. This is all conjecture, I haven't spoken to anyone involved in this project in quite a while. It was very nice of them to put the effort into this app that they did. Without a sustainable business model, I don't think it is realistic to expect them to continue to maintain the app.

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