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AAVSOnet news 2013-11-16

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AAVSOnet news 2013-11-16

BSM Berry is now running fully automatic.  It is handling the northern survey targets as well as V339 Del, X Cyg and XZ Cet.

BSM_Hamren is essentially operational, when Bob Stine is in residence.  It needs a slight modification on the image transfer operation, and a replaced focuser controller (which is a 1-minute swap).

BSM_NM burned out its power supply; Bill Stein has a replacement and will install it next week.  We should be back in operation at that time.  We are also installing the web power strip so that hardware can be turned on/off remotely.

BSM_South is fully operational with no problems.  Way to go, Peter!

W30's mount controller was getting intermittent.  Phil Coker has donated his 30cm Meade to replace W30.  This will be called COKER30 in his honor.  It is the ACF model, so the image quality may improve.  Bill Goff is currently finalizing installation and checkout; data should start flowing soon.

SRO is fully operational with no problems. John knows his stuff!

OC61 is fully operational with no problems.

TMO61 is fully operational with no problems.  Jon Holtzman just installed a Boltwood cloud sensor so that we have more remote information for open/close.

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I had a batch of images back on Nov 13 (for the period Nov 1-13), and since then nothing.  It seems that rather than coming through at regular intervals, there seems to be a long processing queue before a large number of images become available for download again.  Is this just a temporary arrangement due to some problem?  Whilst I am glad to have the data, I would much prefer it to trickle through on a daily basis then be presented with a lot of images a couple of times a month.



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CRP provides an excellent solution

I posted this in another discussion on a similar topic. CRP "Constrained Resource Planning" is a methodology invented by a colleague of mine at the Univ. of Hawaii EE/CS Dept. This approach can arrive at nearly optimal solutions to complex planning and scheduling problems, especially with limited resources, and many constraints (telescopes capabilities and observing conditions), and users with many different requirements and targets. Its definitely worth looking as a solution to the AAVSONet issues, until the system can be expanded enough that resource utilization is no longer an issue.

Mike LMK

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