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AAVSOnet Observing Runs

FY2011-2012 Observing Programs on AAVSOnet

The following programs have been executed between October 1, 2010 and August 1, 2012.

Projects listed as embargoed are done so to protect the investigator from revealing their target's name(s).

User Project Telescope
AAVSO PNV_J18562170S0852300 BSM-NM
AAVSO Rapid_Followup K35
AAVSO Swift_Trigger_512035 K35
AAVSO Swift_Trigger_517234 K35
AAVSO Swift_Trigger_517876 BSM-NM
AAVSO Swift_Trigger_519874 K35
Antonio Tegon Emission Line Stars  W28
Arne Henden AAVSO_Calibration SRO
Arne Henden AAVSO_Monitoring SRO
Arne Henden Abell_1367 SRO
Arne Henden Arnes_Long_Period_Targets SRO
Arne Henden ASAS_1826 SRO
Arne Henden Calibration grab bag K35
Arne Henden Chandra_VGUIDE W30
Arne Henden Cluster photometry SRO
Arne Henden DMC_Survey SRO
Arne Henden Ebs SRO
Arne Henden Extinction SRO
Arne Henden Henden_Miras BSM-NM
Arne Henden J1159 SRO
Arne Henden J1915 SRO
Arne Henden Kepler SRO
Arne Henden KT_Eri SRO
Arne Henden Long period_Ebs SRO
Arto Oksanen Embargoed K35
Bart Staels CV_monitoring W28
Colin Aspen Colin_Aspin YSOs K35
Daniel Majaess Embargoed BSM-NM
Dave Hurdis V338_Boo W28
Donn Starkey Misc. specific stars K35
Dr. Chow-Choong North_Cepheids_Taiwan K28
Frank Schorr Miras with humps K35
Fred Ringwald Embargoed W28
Gary Walker UX_Ori_Class  K35
Gordon Sarty Special_Notice_175 W28
Gordon Sarty Special_Notice_210 W28
Gustav Holmberg Holmberg W28
John O'Neill Embargoed K28
Josch Hambsch Blazhko_effect W30
Ken Mogul Type II Cepheids K28
Les Thomas Les_Thomas W28
Martignoni Martignoni W28
Matt Templeton Matt Templeton_Misc K35
Matt Templeton Templeton_SRCs BSM-NM
Mike Simonsen AAVSO_Monitoring SRO
Mike Simonsen Inner_Sanctum_LPV K35
Mike Simonsen Nova light curves K35
Mike Simonsen RCB K35
Mike Simonsen Recurrent Novae K35
Mike Simonsen Simonsen_Spring_CV K35
Mike Simonsen Z_CamPaign K35
Mike Sitko Embargoed K35
Mike Sitko Keck_IRTF W28
Natalia Virninia EBs, Cepheids W28
Natalia Virninia Virnina bright stars BSM-NM
Noel Richardson LBV_monitoring W28
Patrick Schmeer WZ_Sge_class_monitoring W30
Patrick Wils Embargoed K28
Patrick Wils Leo5 W30
Patrick Wils Non-stellar W30
Patrick Wils NSV_3549 W30
Patrick Wils NSV15086 W30
Paul Temple M57_central_star W28
Paul Temple Paul Temple K35
Paula Szkody HST Monitoring K35
Pavol Duboski Misc. Program Stars W28
Robert Modic Modic NRs and Misc. K35
Sokolovsky Blazars K28
Stella Kafka Alert_Notice_406 W28
Thom Gandet Thom_Gandet EBs K35
Tom Krajci Rapid_followup W30
Tony Mallama Jupiter satellites W28
Univ. Saskatoon Univ_Saskatoon program stars K28
Valentina Kozyreva Sternberg EB for W30 W30
Valentina Kozyreva Sternberg EBs W28
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