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AAVSOnet processing update

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AAVSOnet processing update

We were waiting for new flats for W28, W30, K28, BSM, which were taken on 2011-01-10 (110110).  The images from 110104, 110110, 110111 have now been processed and are available; new data from last night (110113) will be available shortly.  K28 processing will resume this weekend and will be caught up by Monday.  SRO50 should be up to date.


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K28 processing

Hi All,

I am now responsible for processing the K28 images and uploading them to VPhot. I plan to do this daily, including weekends unless I am away from a computer or the Internet (rare!). I also plan to notify the users when the processing is done so you can go get your data ASAP.

Right now, the only people I know are using K28 data are Ken Mogul and Doug Welch. If you have data coming from K28 and would like to be notified when it is ready, send me a message at mikesimonsen at aavso dot org.


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