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AAVSOnet status, 2017-06-20

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AAVSOnet status, 2017-06-20

Here is the status of the various telescopes on the network, as of June 20.

BSM_Berry  operational

BSM_Hamren  operational, though sometime soon we need to service the camera.

BSM_HQ  operational

BSM_NM  the mount has recently been replaced with a Paramount.  We are in the process of polar aligning and working with the new mount.  However, this is the Southwestern monsoon, so progress will be slow, and no significant operation is expected until September.

BSM_S operational

SRO operational, but summer monsoon.

TMO61  dome communication errors that will be worked on during the summer monsoon.  Limited operations until September are expected.

OC61  the focus motor mechanism has been serviced, and the telescope is again operational.

As mentioned at the AAVSO June meeting, the BSM telescopes are being combined into a new Section.  There is significant software effort underway to support this new model, though the AAVSO HQ pipeline will be run in parallel for the time being.  All proposals should be submitted in the normal manner until a different plan is announced.


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