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AAVSOnet status, 2019-02-12

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AAVSOnet status, 2019-02-12

Mostly good news this month!  Thanks to the many volunteers who have "adopted" some of the long-term monitoring targets that have been on AAVSOnet queues for many years.  As part of this adoption procedure, new epoch photometry databases are being generated for the BSM systems, and should be on-line within a month.

BSM_Berry is still down, but not for long.  The new camera has arrived, and replacement drive motors should arrive soon.

BSM_Hamren is still down.  We're waiting for a final hardware configuration and then will ship the system to Mike Linnolt.  There is an option to upgrade the telescope, which may slow shipment while the new OTA is integrated.  However, progress is being made in assembly.

BSM_NH2 is operational.  We're using this as a testbed for several hardware and software features.  Currently, the testing is in reducing the image collection overhead, and in automating the enclosure open and close operation.  The CMOS camera is working well, though there have been some reports of incorrect filter positioning that are being examined.

BSM_NM is operational.

BSM_TX is a new system in west Texas, provided by Dave Cowall.  This is fully assembled and is undergoing software tests.  It should come on-line shortly.

OC61 is operational.  Nigel Frost and the University of Canterbury technicians have repaired the focus mechanism.  Later this month, the spectrograph will undergo some additional tests in preparation for a research project.

SRO is operational.

TMO61 is sorta operational.  The telescope is working, but we are still having problems in accessing the computer and transferring files.  We hope to have this issue resolved soon.

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