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AAVSOnet Status, 2019-05-03

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AAVSOnet Status, 2019-05-03

Here is the current status of the various sites of AAVSOnet.

BSM_Berry is operational, after a double failure.  The ST8-XME camera failed and was not repairable by SBIG.  Dick Post kindly donated a spare ST8-XME camera, which has now been installed at BSM_Berry.  At the same time, the Moonlite focuser failed.  This has been repaired by Moonlite.

BSM_Hamren has been reconfigured and temporarily installed in Cape Cod.  The weather has been poor, and we have not been able to do the final commissioning steps.  It should start providing data soon.  This system will probably be renamed BSM_Hamren2, as almost all of the hardware has been replaced.

BSM_NH2 is operational.  There was a software issue with the filter wheel that looks like it has been resolved by updating MaximDL to V6.2, but the weather has been horrible in NH and we haven't been able to thoroughly test that the repair was successful.

BSM_NM is operational.

BSM_S is operational.

BSM_TX is still undergoing commissioning.  The weather has been poor, and so we have not had a chance to iron out the last few bugs.

OC61 is off-line.  There has been a failure of the dome shutter.  We hope to have it repaired shortly.

SRO is operational.

TMO61 is operational.

Several changes are underway.  With a donation from Doug George (Diffraction Limited), Ken Menzies is upgrading all systems to MaximDL V6.2, and at the same time, making sure that ACP is updated to its latest version.   These changes should make operation more reliable and efficient.  Cliff Kotnick has moved the HQ pipeline over to a new computer that is faster.  George Silvis is updating the HQ processing scripts to make them more robust.  The OC61 spectrograph should be back on-line shortly, as a replacement calibration fiber has been sent to Mt. John.  As mentioned above, BSM_Hamren has been reconfigured, using a Paramount, Takahashi E180 astrograph, and ZWO 183mm-pro camera.  We hope that this will be a new model for the BSM systems going forward, depending on how well this prototype performs.



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