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AAVSOnet Status, 2019-06-22

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AAVSOnet Status, 2019-06-22

The network is pretty much the same as it was last month.  Hopefully, we will see some improvement soon!


BSM_Berry.  normal operation

BSM_Hamren.  We've entered Gary Walker's commited time window for Maria Mitchell Observatory, so progress will be slow for a couple of months.  Gary is only intermittently at home, and the good weather has not cooperated to make much progress.  We've ordered an AAG cloud monitor, which should be delivered shortly.  This will enable automatic closure of the roof, necessary for remote safety.

BSM_NH2.  normal operation.

BSM_NM.  normal operation.

BSM_S.  normal operation

BSM_TX.  Still in commissioning phase, awaiting some hardware repairs.

OC61.  We're in a holding pattern until the mountain staff can make dome repairs.  This is mid-winter down there, so progress is slow.  The replacement calibration fiber for the spectrograph has arrived.

SRO.  normal operation.

TMO61.  off-line until a new control computer is installed.

Other news.  I've received a real-time stacking plugin for MaximDL that I am testing.  This will enable the CMOS systems (BSM_NH2, BSM_Hamren) to reach very bright stars without scintillation.  Chroma has donated a set of UBVRI filters that I'll be testing this summer.  A solution to the HQ image storage issue has been accepted and will be implemented shortly by Cliff and George.


Maxim DL plug-in for CMOS systems

Hi Arne,

I'm interested in the real-time stacking plug-in for MaximDL as I'm also using a ASI183 on a 66 mm scope for my personal program.  Do you know if it is planned to be publicly available sometime in the future?



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