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AAVSOnet Status, 2020-09-18

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AAVSOnet Status, 2020-09-18

Lots of things happening on the network, so let's jump in!

Microsoft has announced a September Windows10 update.  This update has been applied to BSM_NH2 and has solved the uncontrolled scheduler database problem.  Yay!

BSM_Berry.  Fully operational.  For both Berry and South, their Paramount ME and E-180 have been boxed up and are ready to ship to Australia, as soon as Dick Post can find a good shipper.  In the meantime, Greg Bolt is starting to look at mounting the ZWO camera on the existing refractor.

BSM_Hamren.  Fully operational.  Gary Walker is learning how to collimate the E-180 astrographs, and so image quality will be marginal for the past week and perhaps for the next week or two as this process continues.  Gary has purchased the toolset necessary for collimation.  This can be used on the remaining E-180 OTAs.

BSM_NH.  Fully operational.  Arne has received an engineered diffuser, and will add this and several additional filters to the system in the next couple of weeks.  We'll make an announcement on this forum of the new capabiliities when they are available.

BSM_NM.  Fully operational.  Bill Stein has replaced the original ZWO camera.  The original has some moisture deposits on the sensor that need to be cleaned professionally.

BSM_S.  This system has been off-line for several weeks.  The CGEM control board failed.  A replacement board was sent and was recently installed by Peter Nelson, so the mount now functions correctly.  In the interim, however, the temporary ST8-XME camera borrowed from Chris Stockdale has failed.  Peter is now in the process of bringing the ZWO camera on-line, so BSM_S may be available soon.

BSM_TX.  This system is off-line.  The control board of the MyT mount has failed.  A replacement has been ordered, but may take a couple of months to arrive.

OC61.  Fully operational, but with some intermittent dome shutter errors.  These cause the slit to close on rare occasions, and the operator has to override and re-open.  The replacement camera and telescope drive control system will be shipped soon, but due to customs and installation, may not be ready until sometime in October.

SRO.  John Gross is going down this weekend to start the computer, now that the summer monsoon is over.

TMO61.  Still off-line, awaiting a replacement camera.

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How can I sign up to use any of these telescopes?

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Just go to the Bright Star Monitor observing section page.



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