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Additive Load Question

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Additive Load Question

I want to work with a combination of AID data and obsrvations I have obtained from another source for TY UMa.  I have the latter in a simple CSV file with just HJD, magnitude.  I am having trouble doing an additive load.  I can load each separately and get logical looking results.

If I load AID first, I get Johnson V and Visual data.  When I then additively load the CSV file, I get two new types - Cousins R and Unfiltered with V Zeropoint and the dates are not for the CSV file data.

If I load the CSV first I get Unspecified data.  If I then additively load from AID, the data from the CSV file are lost.

A suggestion on how to merge these would be appreciated.


Cliff Kotnik

David Benn
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Hi Cliff

Would you be able to attach or send me via email (contact page) the CSV file and the AID date range? Then I can try to reproduce the problem.

Are you using the latest release (2.17.0)?



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TY Uma Reproduction Steps


I am launching Vstar from the webstart web page: VStar 2.17.0 (svn revision 1364).

Try these steps. Load TY UMa via "New Star from AAVSO Database", unchecking "Additive" and checking "All data".  Load the attached CSV with "New Star from File" checking "Additive".  The resulting screen image is attached.

I have not used data from files before, nor with additive loads, so I could easily be doing something goofy.


David Benn
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Additive load concerns

Hi Cliff

The "data from the CSV file are lost" scenario we understand now as per

What's happening with the other scenario is that the data are in fact being loaded. If you look at File -> Info... before and after each load, you'll see that before the CSV load, there are no Unspecified data points, only after. 

The Cousins R and Unfiltered with V Zeropoint were always there from the AID load, but were not initially visible until after the CSV load. The Info dialog will confirm this and the Plot Control Dialog (View menu) controls what series are visible.

The fact that all loaded series are made visible after an additive load is either a bug or a feature, depending upon your viewpoint, as per this 2014 ticket. I would welcome input from you and others and optionally a vote on the ticket re: this.


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V mag and Differential/Step Mags mixed?

Hello David and Cliff

One more thing that is mixed in here, is that in Vstar, the V and the V step or differential mags are both reported.  The V mags are at 11 and the differentials are at 0.5 mag.  I don't see a way to eliminate this in Vstar--looks like you get both.  I confirmed this on the light curve generator, which does allow one to plot only V and then add the differential (which is different jd) data.



David Benn
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Diff, Step vs Standard

Hi Gary

This appears to be another bug that has slipped through with the re-implementation of load-from-AID in 2.17.0.

I've created to capture this.

Previous versions of VStar have not allowed Diff or Step obs to be displayed.

Sorry folks!


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DIFF/STEP vs STD problem fixed

Hi Gary et. al,

The problem of VStar displaying DIFF and STEP data when it shouldn't has been corrected in today's release (version 2.17.1). Thank you for reporting it.

Best regards,

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