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Adopt A Star Program

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Adopt A Star Program


I think this is a really great idea and applaud all the staff involved. 

Kind of a fun thing to do and all for a good cause!

I choose SS Cyg as it was my first visual observation and then U Gem because it was my first CCD observation.

There are thousands of stars to choose from and no reason why more than one of us can’t adopt the same star, if we wanted to….. either way there are plenty to go around.

I encourage everyone to give some thought to Adopting A Star or two (or more) for the year; maybe a favorite, maybe one you caught in outburst, maybe your first observation, etc….. or one that is simply intriguing.

Here is a web page of the stars so far adopted for the year:

Here is the web page with all the information:

Ad Astra

Tim Crawford, CTX

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