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AG PEG Rebrightening

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AG PEG Rebrightening

It would appear that the Z And-type star AG Peg is experiencing a new brightening phase. In just the past couple of days the star has risen abruptly from magnitude 8.0-8.1 to about magnitude 7.5 and may still be brightening.

J.Bortle   (BRJ)


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AG Peg rebrightening

the rebrightening might be of short duration (as the previous one): the last measurements in B and V seem to indicate that the rise isn't continuing (see attachment). Monitoring in BVRcIc will be continued.



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AG Peg Re-Brightening

In fact, the brightness of AG Peg's latest re-brightening since reaching attaining its second peak around 10 October seems to be holding steady. There is even some suggestion that over the past few days it may have slowly started to rise a bit more. After decades of monitoring this variable's glacially slow decline its revived activity during 2015 has come as quite a stunning and totally unanticipated development for me.

J.Bortle   (BRJ)


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Spectroscopy of the rebrightning

I got spectra of AG Peg during its rebrightning

(eshel spectrograph at R = 11000 of a SC 14")

High excitation lines declined fastly and then recovered

Here's, for instance Raman OVI 6830



Equivalent widths of [Fe VII] and Raman OVI 6830

The behavior is typical of a classical symbiotic outburst (coolling of the hot object produces a shift of the luminosity peak to the visible and decrease of high excitation lines)


Other lines on :

François Teyssier



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AG Peg Spectra

Hello Francois and Observers

This is really nice work.  The spectra are impressive.  Its great to see the light curve of AAVSO observers and the spectra shots on the same graph.  





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