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Alert Notices and Observing Campaigns webpages consolidated

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Alert Notices and Observing Campaigns webpages consolidated

In order to help simplify answering the question "What should I observe tonight?", we have consolidated some of the places on the AAVSO website to look for information on urgently-needed observations. The three webpages:

have been consolidated into one new page: AAVSO Alert Notices for Observing Campaigns and Discoveries.

The announcement page summarizes this consolidation. I recommend you read that first, then go to the new page and explore there.

Many thanks, and Good observing!

Elizabeth Waagen, AAVSO HQ

Eric Dose
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Thx + a small suggestion

Probably a good idea to consolidate these.

While you're setting new policy, and while trying to make things easier for special observations, could we make it a standard to display these prominently, near the top of every new Notice and Campaign?:

  • RA/Declinations,
  • Magnitudes, such as they are known or expected, and
  • Observing cadence wished for.

I recognize that these are usually already there, but I would ask that they be displayed by policy. I think you'll get more response--especially from observers not accustomed to a given star class (and we are looking for additional observers)--if we include these key data right up front rather than expecting people to look up VSX records and then try to interpret them, especially when they are unfamiliar with the target types, as well as for effective cadence. I know I'll be more likely to participate if I'm quite sure I'm delivering what's needed.

Thank you,



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Info in Alert Notices

Hi Eric,

Thank you for your thoughts. I agree that the coordinates, magnitude information, and cadence are key pieces of information, and they are already included in the Alert Notices as per our policy. Sometimes the available magnitude information is not complete, but we try to provide whatever information about the range is available.

Good observing,




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