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Alpha Draconis Thuban

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Alpha Draconis Thuban

When is the next Thuban & companion Eclipse: Date and Time??

Sebastian Otero
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VSX ephemeris

Hello Joe,
You can use VSX to get an ephemeris.
Go to the star's page:

In the Epoch field you will find a link called "Ephemeris".
By clicking on it you will see a list of eclipses with their times in UT.
You will have the start, mideclipse and end of the eclipse times.

The next one is on:

03 Jun 2020 19:40
04 Jun 2020 03:41
04 Jun 2020 11:43

I hope it helps.


Sebastian, I looked at the

Sebastian, I looked at the VSX record of alp Dra and found that it's SDSS photometry refers most probably a different star.

Best regards,

Sebastian Otero
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SDSS saturated data

Hello Tõnis,
thanks for your comment. I deleted the SDSS photometry, it belongs to the correct star but SDSS saturates at mag 14 or so and then any information for a 4th mag. star is unseless.


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