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Amateur Astronomy Session at the 224th AAS Meeting in Boston

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Amateur Astronomy Session at the 224th AAS Meeting in Boston

Hello fellow members!

The American Astronomical Society will soon be having its 224th meeting in Boston in the first week of June.

We are proud to invite the amateur community in to a special meeting date on June 3.  To that end, there are some special events geared specifically for the amateur community.

First, and most exiciting, is the first ever Amateur Astrophotography Poster Exhibit.  We invite skilled amateur astrophotographers to come show their work and how they've imaged the night sky in a forum that features the beauty and wonder we all know and love.

Learn more here:

Next, there are also invited speakers on that day that will give talks about important events relevant to amateur astronomers from prominent public speakers doing active research.  You'll have access to the convention center and will be able to talk to scientists about their work.

Finally, there is the Star Party near the convention center for an urban star party at the Boston Commons. We did this first at Indianapolis a year ago, and in Washington D.C. in Janruary.  The AAS is pushing this star party in its general publicity, and even in the cold of DC, we had 200 people show up.  I'm looking for your help with scopes and people at this event.  You can represent your club, or just show up on your own.

In general, this will be an amazing program, and as a Board Member of an amateur association in NYC, I can tell you that the Society is doing a great job supporting all of these events.

Registration as an Amateur is given here:

There is no need to register to be part of the Urban Star Party.

Jason Kendall

224th AAS Amateur Events Associate Coordinator. Adjunct, Dept. of Physics, William Paterson University, Astronomy Liaison, WPU


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