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Analysis log cleanup

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Analysis log cleanup

Back in Sept 2016 we did a cleanout of the Analysis Logs saved on VPhot. These were logs that no longer had the image files which were the basis of the analysis still online in VPhot. This event caused great distress.

So I'm looking for feedback on how old Analysis Logs are being used, why are they important (given that their images file have been dropped after 4 months), and what should we do about this?

Cleanup is coming as these old log files are creating performance issues for VPhot. VPhot is not meant to be an archive. Image files are held only for 4 months. We need to set a limit on the analysis logs too.

- Do you need warning so you can print the reports before they get deleted?
- Is there some other format these could be exported to? The data is available in xml files.

If I can get some detailed feedback then we can allocate resources for a more graceful cleanup.


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