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Analyzing Data With VStar CHOICE course REQUIRED textbook

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Analyzing Data With VStar CHOICE course REQUIRED textbook

Analyzing Light Curves a Practical Guide by Grant Foster is a required textbook  for the Analyzing Data with VStar Course. If you are taking the course and have not purchased the book order it TODAY!!!! Delivery can take a week or more and the course starts Monday 6/19/2017. The books are essentially printed to order. 

You can order the book at the URL below. it is not available from Amazon.

I know it is strange for a CHOICE course to require purchase of a textbook, but many of the analytical techniques implemented in VStar are based on work done by Grant Foster when he was a staff member at AAVSO and afterward. This book does a masterful job of explaining what these techniques do and how they work without getting lost in the mathematics.

If your aren't taking the course but plan on using VStar I also strongly recommend you get the book if you didn't get it when taking the "How to Use VStar" course. It takes the cover off the black box almost entirely without getting bogged down in math that is likely arcane to all but scientists, engineers and math majors. 

Brad Walter, WBY (instructor for the first session of "Analyzing Data With VStar")


VStar Choice course

Hi Brad,

I have registered for the VStar Choice course but have not recieved any more information.


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Analyzing Data With VStar


Look down the forums list to the next section of forums (Members only) and you will see the forum. The introductory and first week's files are all there.


Brad Walter, WBY

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