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And Baby Makes...

Our Assistant Director, Aaron Price, has had a heck of a year!

Early in 2010, he was made Assistant Director of the AAVSO. Later that year we celebrated his defending his Ph.D. But something more unusual, at least for an AAVSO staffer, was on the horizon.

It would seem to an outside observer, perhaps, that AAVSO staffers are more committed to their work than most. While most of us (but not all) are married, the vast majority of us have no children now. With the single exception of Gloria, those that do have children have grown children.

And so Aaron, on the 19th of January, 2011, entered a rather exclusive club when he and his wife Erma's wonderful daughter - Mira Caroline Price - was born!

Like the new star she is, Caroline burst forth upon the world around 11:00AM (1600UTC), weighing 4 pounds, 14.9 ounces. All three - daughter, mother, and father - are reported to be doing fine.

Being who she is, of course, Caroline shares a birthday with a major robotic space mission. It was five years ago on her birthday that New Horizons (what an apt name!) was launched for one of the Solar System's farthest frontiers. We all expect Caroline, in her own way, will go as far.

With Aaron here working at HQ (although he is taking a paternity leave right now!), we here at the AAVSO are all looking forward to Caroline being part of our lives over the next few years and acting as virtual aunts and uncles. Supernovas are rare events, but AAVSO HQ babies are even rarer ones!

The AAVSO sends its best congratulations to Dr. Aaron and Erma Price and wishes a big, big welcome to Caroline!!

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