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AAVSO Annual Campaign 2018 -- fill our sky with stars

You and the AAVSO: Together We Explore the Variable Sky

The AAVSO CAP Program is back this year! Click here for the details and become a Citizen Astronomer Promoter

You are why the AAVSO exists. A century ago, the AAVSO’s founder Leon Campbell, realized that amateur astronomers could revolutionize the science of variable star astronomy if given the right support.  You are the answer to a famous astronomer’s lament from some years ago, “So many stars, so few astronomers.” You are the astronomer. In its 100 years, the AAVSO has fine-tuned its program of variable star research. Your work has swelled the AAVSO Observations Database to more than 35 million data points, making it the world's leading resource on how variable stars behave. Each of the data points you contributed is available for use in new research projects. Your contribution may seem like a small one, but every contribution that you make counts.

You are why the AAVSO exists. In the century since its founding, you have asked the AAVSO to provide you with services that you can rely on, helping you to answer the question, what stars should I observe? Through its software, databases, and website, AAVSO link the world of astronomy to you, in your backyard, with your telescope, ensuring that your observations will target stars with interesting behaviors on every night that you observe.  The AAVSO facilitates your observations, notifies you about observing campaigns, and alerts you to interesting new targets. 

You are why the AAVSO exists. In the century since its founding, you have asked the AAVSO to provide you with services that you can rely on, improving your understanding of variable stars and helping your role as an educator. You know that variable stars are a great way to introduce your students to scientific observation.

You are why the AAVSO exists. As a professional astronomer, you know the scientific value of the AAVSO Observations Database. You know that the dedicated AAVSO observers are eager to respond to calls for collaboration.

The AAVSO needs you! This year we are running our Annual Campaign from May through July. We are asking all AAVSO enthusiasts to join us as a full AAVSO Member by applying online. And, we are asking all AAVSO enthusiasts and members to provide the financial support that the AAVSO needs to support your work. AAVSO dues — $75 per year — cover our basic expenses. If every AAVSO enthusiast like you gives at least $100 more each year, you will help us give you the full support and services that you deserve. Supporting the AAVSO Annual Campaign is easy, follow this simple link, click on the Donate button below, or send your donation by check to

AAVSO, 49 Bay State Road, Cambridge MA 02138, United States

You are why the AAVSO exists. Together you and the AAVSO have been exploring the variable sky. We look forward to many more years together.

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AAVSO 49 Bay State Rd. Cambridge, MA 02138 617-354-0484