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APASS Conversions to Ic and R

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APASS Conversions to Ic and R

Anyone have the conversion formulae handy to convert the Johnson B and V  (or Sloan) values in APASS to Ic and R?

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Some conversion references

Some conversion references:

I have not checked, but I think that should answer your needs.

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Rc/Ic conversions for APASS

What we use in Seqplot comes from Jester, et al. (2005)

V-Rc = 1.09 * (r-i) + 0.22  +/- 0.03

Rc-Ic = 1.00*(r-i) + 0.21 _/- 0.01

for stars with (Rc-Ic) < 1.15

We expect to derive our own relationships later in the project.


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