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The Argelander Society

Friedrich Wilhelm August Argelander

The Argelander Society Named for Friedrich Argelander, who is considered to be "the father of variable star astronomy," The Argelander Society offers membership benefits to those individuals who have given substantial financial support to the AAVSO over many years. Once a benefactor has donated a cumulative total of $35,000.00 to the AAVSO, they are eligible for a lifetime membership in the organization, free registration to annual meetings, invitations to special events, special awards, and tokens of the association’s appreciation. Photograph courtesy of the Mary Lea Shane Archives of the Lick Observatory, University of California-Santa Cruz





The AAVSO gratefully acknowledges the benefactor members of:

The Argelander Society (created in FY 2006-20017)

Charles E. Curry 2006-07
Clinton B. Ford 2006-07
E. Dorrit Hoffleit 2006-07
Theodore H. N. Wales 2006-07
Thomas R. Williams 2006-07
William B. Albrecht 2007-08
Marvin E. Baldwin 2007-08
Margaret Doleman 2007-08
Martha L. Hazen 2007-08
Arne and Linda Henden 2007-08
James Molnar 2009-10
Robert Martin Ayers 2013-14
Richard S. Post 2013-14
John Centala 2014-15
Gary Walker 2014-15
Gordon Myers 2015-16


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