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Gustav Holmberg

I am interested in analysing data from ASAS-SN but have not been able to import data to Vstar. Any ideas?


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All Sky Automated Survey

Of course, after the other responses, I realized that I mis-read the question..... geezzz, but glad it all worked out for Gustav.

To the best of my knowledge “ASAS-SN” references the All Sky Automated Survey for SuperNovae (aka “ASAS-SN).

Typical Transiet object designations are ASASSN-YRxx where YR is the two digit year ending and xx is a sequential alpha naming progression.  If you check the Transients web page the current listing, at the top of the page is for ASASSN-17qn, as an example:

Data Based objects of the AAVSO can always be checked via the VSX.  If it does not appear there then it is not in the data base and there is a method therein to request inclusion:

Tim Crawford, CTX

Sequence Team

David Benn
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Not to worry :)

No worries Tim. Useful information anyway. laugh


Gustav Holmberg
I was thinking of analysing

I was thinking of analysing data like this, for example, using Vstar. There's an export option using csv format, but when I try to load that into Vstar it doesn't work.


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CSV data to Vstar

Hello Gustav

I export data to Vstar very often.  I believe that Vstar only wants a JD and a magnitude.  If you are exporting more that this, it might be the problem.



David Benn
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ASAS-SN observation source plug-in

Hi all

Thanks for your input Gary and Tim.

Gustav, after reading your post, I wrote a ASAS-SN observation source plug-in while on my daily bus commute today and finished/tested it this evening after work (it's almost midnight here in South Australia). cool

I've attached a zip file containing all current plug-ins plus the new ASAS-SN plugin. You can install it by creating a temporary directory, unzipping the zip file into that directory and either:

I've carried out minimal testing so far: on the dataset you pointed to above and a random one I searched for and downloaded on the ASAS-SN web page.

I'm handling the 5-sigma limit (see pages 4, 5 of referenced on by using a separate series for such observations. In addition, any observation for which the mag and mag_err are both 99.99, the plug-in ignores. Let me know if you think different series colours should be used. The main series is V as I understand it, hence the colour.

Once more testing (e.g. by you and others) has been carried out and a simple how-to guide has been written, the plug-in will be made available in the AAVSO plug-in repository. 

Please give it a try and let me know how it goes. A new item will appear in the File menu.


Gustav Holmberg
It works like a charm!

It works! I installed the new batch of plugins in a temporary directory, pointed to it in preferences/plugin-in settings/ and installed the ASAS-SN plugin. Then I have been able to load ASAS-SN datasets in Vstar.

Many thanks for the quick response, making the already great Vstar an even better tool for variable star astronomy. Great!


David Benn
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Hi Gustav

That’s excellent and thanks for your kind words. :)

Let me know if you see any problems.

If you want to use the standard online plugin library again, just click the Set Defaults in the plug-in settings preferences pane.


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