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ASAS Variable Not Varying?

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ASAS Variable Not Varying?

Hello! I have been following the short period variable - DL HER. Last year, one of the comps was reclassified as variable - ASAS J172015+1426.6 - and listed as varying from mag 11 to 12 in V band over 59.2 days, so I started to image it when I image DL HER.

    I've gotten 0.2 mag variation over the last two months. There is not a lot of historical data for it. CR and CV seemed to vary the most.

   Where can I track down the ASAS light curve to see what it had been doing in the past? Thank you and best regards.


Sebastian Otero
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ASAS J172015+1426.6

In the VSX revision comment you can read the following: "Type, period, epoch and range from ASAS-3 data."
This means that this is the range recorded by the ASAS-3 survey over several years. Individual cycles have smaller amplitudes. But this is a confirmed variable.
The ASAS-3 site is more down than up so you will be able to see their light curve only if you are lucky.
The VSX external links will easily take you there.,asas3,59....

And also to other sites with light curves.


NSVS light curve:

The amplitude is always smaller in R1 than in V (usually by a factor of 2.5 for red variables). Also blended companions may reduce the amplitude seen in the NSVS light curves (resolution is poor).

It is also an ASAS-SN variable:

It varies between V= 11.20 and 11.86 there.

APASS data has a few observations between V= 11.17 and 11.55.

You can also re-compute the ASAS-SN data to obtain more observations.
Use the VSX external links for all this.


ASAS Variable Not Varying?




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