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ASASSN-17ib: Possible Galactic Nova (12.5 mag) in Scutum

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ASASSN-17ib: Possible Galactic Nova (12.5 mag) in Scutum

ASAS-SN Discovery of a Possible Galactic Nova ASASSN-17ib on the Rise

RA = 18:31:45.918 Dec = -14:18:55.57 (J2000.0)

K. Z. Stanek et al.:

ASASSN-17ib 20170613.21 <17.1 ASN

ASASSN-17ib 20170619.41 14.7 ASN

ASASSN-17ib 20170623.47 12.5 ASN

Sebastian Otero
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ASASSN-17ib is ASASSN-17hx

The object recently announced as ASASSN-17ib had already been published two days ago as ASASSN-17hx.
There is a 19.1 Gaia magnitude star at that position so the outburst has an amplitude of only 7 mag. up to now. Let's see how it evolves.


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ASASSN-17ib = ASASSN-17hx (ATel #10524)

Quote: "To avoid confusion, ASASSN-17hx name should be used, but we will not assign ASASSN-17ib designation to another object."

ASASSN-17hx New Sequence

ASASSN-17hx has a new sequence

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Spectral confirmation as a Galactic nova (ATel #10527)

Spectral confirmation of galactic nova ASASSN-17hx (=ASASSN-17ib):

Updated spectroscopic monitoring of ASASSN-17hx (ATel #10558)

Title: Continuing spectroscopic monitoring of Nova Sct 2017 = ASASSN-17hx
Author: Paolo Berardi, Woody Sims, and Umberto  Sollecchia (ARAS Group)

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Photometry Field of Nova Sct 2017

Is there anywhere the complete photometry for reference stars in the field of Nova Sct 2017? I only have the V-band value and I like to have B, I, Sloan gri...



Go to the very bottom of the VSP request form and select the colors you want.  For this star B,V,Rc,Ic is available.  At this time, there is no Sloan photometry.

gri.. photometry

According to Arne the best and easiest source for Sloan values is for the user to query APASS 9,, and  manually get the Sloan photometry for the sequence star in question.

I gave it a try and if you use a very small radius like 0.01 degrees, it will usually return just the star in question.

Jim Jones

Sequence Team

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