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ASASSN-18dw: new transient (13.6 mag) in Lepus (ATel #11359)

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ASASSN-18dw: new transient (13.6 mag) in Lepus (ATel #11359)

"ASAS-SN Discovery of ASASSN-18dw, a 4+ Magnitudes Stellar Outburst Towards Orion":

RA 06:02:04.77, DEC -12:19:50.8 (J2000.0)

ASASSN-18dw 20180223.18 <176g ASN
ASASSN-18dw 20180224.087 158g ASN
ASASSN-18dw 20180224.169 153g ASN
ASASSN-18dw 20180225.14 143g ASN
ASASSN-18dw 20180225.88 138g ASN
ASASSN-18dw 20180226.20 136g ASN

Clear skies,

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Spectroscopic classification as a dwarf nova (ATel #11366)

John R. Thorstensen (Dartmouth College): "Spectroscopic Classification of ASASSN-18dw as a Dwarf Nova"

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