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astro-ph variable-star papers

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astro-ph variable-star papers

Hans-Guenter Diederich and Andreas Barchfeld of the BAV have kindly given me permission to cross-post their weekly list of variable-star papers.  The BAV has been compiling this for years.  When I subscribed to the BAV Forum in 2006, the astro-ph digests were already in progress!  I will add each week on as part of this thread.

The BAV Forum mail-list is very active and covers a wide variety of mostly technical topics.  I enjoy it a lot, and for those of you who do not speak German, Google Translate does a pretty good job of giving you the basic concepts contained in each post.  Likewise, their Rundbrief publication contains many good variable-star articles, and can be found at:

(In German, but the translators do a decent job).


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astro-ph (Variable Stars) 2012-10-29


Known Galactic field Blazhko stars

The SW Sex enigma

Mode identification in the high-amplitude ä Scuti star V2367 Cyg

Cepheid distances from the Baade-Wesselink method

Chandra View of the Warm-Hot IGM toward 1ES 1553+113: Absorption Line Detections and Identifications (Paper I)

(Anm.: 1 ES 1553+113 ist vom Typ BL Lac)

An Experimental Platform for Creating White Dwarf Photospheres in the Laboratory



Finding ç Car Analogs in Nearby Galaxies Using Spitzer: I. Candidate Selection

A New Multi-Dimensional General Relativistic Neutrino Hydrodynamics Code of Core-Collapse Supernovae III. Gravitational Wave Signals from Supernova Explosion Models

The transient neutron star X-ray binary KS 1741-293 in outburst and quiescence

Evolution of star formation and gas

On the Maximum Mass of General Relativistic Uniformly Rotating White Dwarfs

Medium resolution spectroscopy of the supergiant O3If* Cyg OB2 No7

What planetary nebulae tell us about helium and the CNO elements in Galactic bulge stars





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astro-ph (Variable Stars) 2012-10-30


Supernova Light Curves Powered by Fallback Accretion

The northwestern ejecta knot in SN 1006

Rotational periods and evolutionary models for subgiant stars observed by CoRoT

Supernova 2003ie Was Likely a Faint Type IIP Event

The TRENDS High-Contrast Imaging Survey. II. Direct Detection of the HD 8375 Tertiary

Discovery of Mira variable stars in the metal-poor Sextans dwarf spheroidal galaxy

Circumstellar Shell Formation in Symbiotic Recurrent Novae

BD-22 3467, a DAO-type star exciting the nebula Abell 35

(Anm.: BD-22 3467 = LW Hya)

The rates and time-delay distribution of multiply imaged supernovae behind lensing clusters

EG Andromedae: A Symbiotic System as an Insight into Red Giant Chromospheres

BEAMS: separating the wheat from the chaff in supernova analysis

Nova Framework: A New Tool For Modeling of Nova Outbursts and Nucleosynthesis

Three-dimensional numerical investigations of the morphology of type Ia SNRs



Impact of a light stabilized radion in supernovae cooling

Constraining the parameters of globular cluster NGC 1904 from its variable star population

Red giant seismology: observations

Asymptotic Giant Branch Variables as Extragalactic Distance Indicators

Determining distances using asteroseismic methods

Gas dynamic simulation of the star-planet interaction using a binary star model

Periodic morphological changes in gamma-ray binaries

MHD Modeling of a Disk-Wind from a High-Mass Protobinary: the case of Orion Source I




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astro-ph (Variable Stars) 2012-11-01 through 11-06


EC 10246-2707: a new eclipsing sdB + M dwarf binary

Low-frequency variations of unknown origin in the Kepler Delta Scuti star KIC 5988140 = HD 188774



High energy neutrino and gamma ray transients from relativistic supernova shock breakouts

Three-dimensional neutrino-driven supernovae: Neutron star kicks, spins, and asymmetric ejection of nucleosynthesis products

Far-Ultraviolet Spectral Images of the Vela Supernova Remnant: Supplements and Comparisons with other Wavelength Images

X-ray properties of G308.3-1.4 and its central compact object

Testing the core overshooting mixing described by the turbulent convection model on the eclipsing binary star HY Vir

Cepheids and other short-period variables near the Galactic Centre

Constraining the core-rotation rate in red-giant stars from Kepler space photometry



Galactic archaeology: mapping and dating stellar populations with asteroseismology of red-giant stars

Effects of Binary interactions and metallicity on the calibrations of star formation rate

No evidence for an early seventeenth-century Indian sighting of Keplers supernova (SN1604)

Discovery of X-ray Emission in the Old Classical Nova DK Lacertae

Berkeley Supernova Ia Program V: Late-Time Spectra of Type Ia Supernovae

Eclipsing Post Common Envelope Binaries from the Catalina Surveys

The helical jet of the Vela Pulsar

(Anm.: Vela Pulsar = HU Vel)



LMXB populations in galaxy outskirts: globular clusters and supernova kicks

Monitoring the Polarimetric Variability of ä Scorpii

A search for transits of GJ 581\lowercase{e} and characterization of the host star variability using MOST space telescope photometry

Anm.: GJ 581 = HO Lib

Dynamical Tides in Compact White Dwarf Binaries: Helium Core White Dwarfs, Tidal Heating, and Observational Signatures

Origin of the heavy elements in HD 140283. Measurement of europium abundance

Anm.: HD 140283 = NSV 7210

Evolution of the First Supernovae in Protogalaxies: Dynamics of Mixing of Heavy Elements

Inverse Compton Scattering Model for X-ray Emission of the Gamma-ray Binary LS 5039

Anm.: LS 5039 = V479 Sct

Discovery of Metastable Helium Absorption Lines in V1280 Scorpii

A dozen type II-P supernovae seen with the eyes of Spitzer

Flip-flops of FK Comae Berenices



Radio Transients from the Accretion Induced Collapse of White Dwarfs

Cumulative physical uncertainty in modern stellar models I. The case of low-mass stars




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