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Astrokolkhoz on vacation

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Astrokolkhoz on vacation

Tom Krajci is going on a skiing trip (he does this periodically during the winter).  While he is gone, BSM, K28, W28, and W30 will be off-line.  They have been off-line for the past week, anyway, due to the rotten weather in the Southwest.

I'll let you know when these telescopes will again be collecting data.

Sonoita is still running, but is under the same weather system as New Mexico.  I don't expect any new images for another few days.  If you want to see the current weather maps for AZ/NM, a good site is:

Sonoita is near the bottom of Arizona, near where the diagonal line goes horizontal; Astrokolkhoz and DRO are about the E/W center of New Mexico, 1/4 of the way up from the bottom of the state.


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